Dandelion Energy

Why It's a Great Time To Join

Adoption of heat pumps is a key accelerant to enable complete electrification of home infrastructure. This is critical to reducing the 40%+ of carbon emissions associated with heating and cooling. Dandelion is one of the first movers in the space and is an industry leader for electrifying suburban areas - where 14%+ of Americans live.

In Their Own Words

Dandelion Energy's mission is liberate homes from fossil fuels.

We offer products and services that allow people to power their homes with renewable energy. We believe that homes without fuels are cleaner, safer, and better for families, communities and planet Earth.

Originally conceived at Google X, Alphabet’s innovation lab, Dandelion is now an independent company offering geothermal heating and cooling systems to homeowners. As the nation's leading home geothermal company, Dandelion Energy helps homeowners free their homes from fossil fuels. By making geothermal heating and cooling systems accessible and affordable for modern homeowners, Dandelion is working to mitigate climate change with renewable technologies that decarbonize homes. Today, Dandelion's heating and cooling solutions allow homeowners to save up to 50 percent on their heating and cooling bills and help the environment by moving away from conventional systems to reduce homes' carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 percent. The state-of-the-art geothermal heat pump system offers wifi-enabled monitoring, creating a smarter, more responsive, and more innovative approach than any other HVAC system on the market.

Dandelion started in 2017 in Westchester County, NY with a single warehouse. Today, it has grown to over 200 employees and 5 warehouses in NY, CT and MA with venture backing from Breakthrough Energy, Lennar and Google Ventures to name a few. We have installed almost 1000 geothermal systems in homes to date which has eliminated over 364,000 tons of CO2 being released into the air over the lifetime of those systems.

Company Values: Put customers first; Bring curiosity; Make yourself, your team, Dandelion better every day; Be obsessed with safety; Build Mission Pride



51-200 employees


New York








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Series B1


New Enterprise Associates, GV, Breakthrough Energy Ventures