Lilac Solutions

Why It's a Great Time To Join

Transportation - both personal and commercial - must be electrified to cut global carbon emissions by ~30%. Lithium sits in the critical path of the transportation sector’s supply chain, positioning Lilac for massive growth in the coming energy transition.


To meet expanding electric vehicle demand, global lithium production will need to 30x from current levels. Lilac’s mission is to solve the lithium supply crisis to unlock the energy transition.

Lilac offers resource developers a full-service approach to lithium extraction. They design, build, and operate lithium extraction systems globally. For the balance of plant, they also partner with top engineering firms to provide infrastructure, utilities, and other process equipment.

Lilac is hiring in Oakland CA, Reno NV, and South America for a variety of roles across engineering, operations, administration, and other functions. Their technical teams are looking for skill sets including process engineering, equipment design, R&D, chemical operations, field engineering, capital projects, and more.



51-200 employees


Oakland, CA






Series C


LowerCarbon Capital, Breakthrough Energy Ventures