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The electrified home can not only offer cost savings and optimize electrical usage during outages, but will eventually feed back into the grid as a distributed energy resource. Enabling the creation of microgrids and a future of distributed energy resources is key to a renewables-driven energy future. SPAN is growing fast as the leader in this mission.

In Their Own Words

At SPAN, our goal is to simplify the adoption of clean energy solutions by building products that not only set new standards for home electrification but can be used in every single home. As more distributed energy resources like solar and storage come onto the grid, it’s increasingly important to be able to improve the technology that sits between the grid, the home, and those distributed energy resources. SPAN’s smart panel replaces the electrical panel to become the center for connected power in the home.

SPAN was founded in 2018. SPAN Founder and CEO Arch Rao was previously the Head of Products for the Tesla Energy business where he helped develop and launch flagship products like the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Solar Roof. Through his experience, he saw that the electrical panel was frequently the limiting factor in the user experience as well as the scaling of residential renewable energy projects. In 2018, Arch left Tesla and SPAN was born.

SPAN has experienced rapid growth in the last 4 years. SPAN recently closed its Series B for $90m in funding, and is continuing to grow both its R&D for future product roadmap as well as the commercial expansion of sales for its SPAN Panel smart electrical panel and SPAN Drive EV charger. SPAN has installed customers in 42+ US states and recently launched installations in Puerto Rico. SPAN has 160+ employees and is continuing to add talent to our team as we become one of the leading fully integrated hardware and software companies in Climate Technology. SPAN is backed by leading investors in the clean energy space, including Amazon Alexa Fund, Fifth Wall, Footprint Coalition, Hardware Club, Wellington Management, and Wells Fargo Strategic Capital.

At SPAN, we believe in having a safe and productive work environment that enables innovation and creativity. We maintain an environment of flexibility with the expectation that we all contribute to and impact our work and business through high performance. We believe that coming together enables us to openly share ideas, challenge each other and build a great company.


The team is growing across the board. SPAN is looking for smart individuals who are passionate about the renewable energy space! We are seeking Software, Device Software, Hardware and R&D Engineers to help build our awesome products! SPAN is also looking for Security Engineers and a Product Manager. In pursuit of excellence, we value openly sharing information, challenging each other, and promoting the best ideas.

Join SPAN if you want to join a team that is enabling electrification for all and is quickly becoming one of the premier hardware & software integrated product companies in Climate Technology.



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