Why It's a Great Time To Join

Power production – especially for heavy industry, transportation, and heating + cooling – is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions; the most compelling path to limiting warming to 1.5 Celsius counts on significant reductions in electricity demand through efficiency gains. Turntide operates a win-win business where their product reduces fossil fuel demand while simultaneously generating significant cost savings for their customer: a clear recipe for growth.


Turntide Technologies builds motor technologies to optimize how humanity uses energy. Their mission is to eliminate the 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy electric motors, thus accelerating the world’s transition from fossil fuels and leaving them in the ground where they belong.

Electric motors are used ubiquitously in many devices, especially vehicles, heating/cooling, agriculture, and equipment for energy-intensive heavy industry. Unfortunately, last-generation motors operate inefficiently and waste a large chunk of the electricity they consume. Turntide’s Smart Motor System helps customers reduce energy usage by an average of 64% by bringing together superior device physics, intelligence, and control to optimize the efficiency.

Their team culture focuses on hiring great people, asking questions and taking risks, empowering employees to challenge assumptions, and committing to a shared purpose of reducing carbon emissions.



501-1000 employees


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