Why It's a Great Time To Join

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are energy creation / storage systems outside of centralized power plants - think home batteries, industrial backup batteries and generators, or demand response. Voltus connects these DERs to electricity markets, delivering cash to partners and customers while providing cheaper, more reliable, and more sustainable electricity to the grid. As DERs become ubiquitous and usage increases rapidly over the next few decades, Voltus' growth is set to follow a similar trajectory. The company is primed to be a key player in the energy transition to a renewable grid.

In Their Own Words

Voltus launched their product in 2016 with a team of two. Since then, the team has grown to over 250 Voltans and continues to grow across all departments as we add more DERs to our platform and enter new markets. Engineering and Sales are especially high-priority growth areas in 2022 through 2023.

Voltus’s culture is built on a team of people who are truly bright, gritty, and good. They have attracted a world-class team deeply aligned with their mission of ushering in the energy transition and delivering dollars to customers. They’re a virtual company, operating entirely in the cloud, allowing our team to live where they want while remotely working toward combating the climate crisis.

The team is growing across the board, with special emphasis in engineering and sales. Voltus is looking for talented software engineers and engineering managers to support the creation of reliable and performant systems and applications across our data, applications, integrations, and infrastructure teams. Voltus is also looking for talented and successful sales experts who are focused on identifying, building, and nurturing successful new relationships with large commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Voltus looks for teammates who are inspired to do well by doing good.

Join Voltus if you want to be a part of a team laser focused on combating the climate crisis.



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